Sunday, November 21, 2010

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1!

wow it's been months since i've posted a proper entry. i'm breaking my silence today because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is out, and i've just watched it!

here be spoilers! though really, everyone ought to have read the book already :)

so, the first part of the final film is finally here, and it is wonderful. 2 hours flew by without me having to look at my clock once - it was completely riveting from beginning to end. I was worried what they would have to cut from this film, how much they would need to change, but i was hugely relieved that they stayed pretty loyal to the books. minor changes, for example: Hedwig's death, actually made the film all the more better (gawd, that part made me tear a little, how soft am i? lol). i think it's quite possibly the best film of the series yet.

I loved the opening sequence of the film, Hermione obliviating (don't you love how these fictional words sound completely normal? thus is the power of JK Rowling's imagination) her parents, Harry watching the Dursley's leave. and can we just pause for a moment and talk about the amazing music in that scene? such a great piece! it really made the scene and set the tone for the entire film: that it's not going to be a happy one.

this track:

rupert grint is perfect as ron. i don't know if it's the script or whatever but he really delivers his lines brilliantly. and did i mention Bill Weasley is hot? before the film i'd seen pics of the actor and wasn't that taken, but in the film he looks good! good casting, he totally looks like one of the weasleys. and Fleur/Harry in her bra. lmao!

The part in Godric's Hollow was pretty much as i had imagined. totally creepy. the silent old lady with a strange gait in her walk in her dark, dank house, the awful moment you realize that something is not right. brrr.

The infiltration of the ministry was so damn funny. Ron's "my wife is all alone down there" HAHAHHAHA. the actors portraying them were hilarious!

and dobby and kreacher! i loved when Kreacher was prodding Mundugus in the nuts. HAHA. but dobby's death was so so sad. only complaint: where was his tombstone? surely he deserved at least that? :(

I think the split is perfect. that moment when Voldemort breaks into Dumbly's tomb, it really sets the tone for the next film, which im now convinced is going to be epic.

i have to mention that animation when Hermione was telling the story of the three brothers. was anyone else as blown away by the animation as i was? brilliant! when she first started telling the story i was kinda like 'wtf, we're not really gonna just watch her sitting on that chair reading the whole story are we?' and then they whipped out that wonderful little animation :)

I'm now torn between the fact that i really really want to see the rest of the film and the thought that when it does come out, it's really over. Kinda like the final nail in the coffin of our childhoods. I mean, guys, we started reading these books more than a decade ago. that's like, half of our lives! i'm pretty sure i'm going to be bawling my eyes out during part 2 :'(

Bs, we need to watch the final film together!

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