Wednesday, June 16, 2010

world cup time!

it's that time again! oh yeah, FIFA World Cup 2010 is here. you know, i love that more girls seem to be into football these days. sure, some only watch during world cup season, but still :) my boss caught me watching EPL (oops, BPL) football once and i received a funny look and an 'ohmygod you are such a guy'. i'm not one to actually play sports, but i like watching football. besides, how is watching football more masculine than watching say, tennis or bowling? in fact, as a hetero girl, i'd say it's far more satisfying to watch 22 fit men running around a football pitch than two muscular women hitting balls across the court at each other. just saying.

as usual, i'm supporting England. call it patriotism for my birth country. i have to say though, i was sorely disappointed by England's performance against USA last week. here's hoping they buck it up next match. you know, i still bear a grudge against cristiano ronaldo for what he pulled against England last World Cup. lol.

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